I just paid. When will I be able to access my files?
Our dear students, you can download your files which you bought directly and without any waiting via your account in our site.

How can I download my files?
Steps to Download your files :

Step 1 : Please ensure that the payment process has been completed successfully.
Step 2 : After successful payment by your Paypal account, you will be automatically see order receipt from Paypal .
Step 3 : Log in your e-mail account, you will see order receipt also in same time Email file order ID from pay.testbank@gmail.com , (check your spam mail box if you do not see it inbox). Open the email and download link is inside. You can download it immediately after payment.
Step 4 : in any issues or technical issues you my receive email in 6 hours. but we garantie the instant delivery
Step 5 : Please if you do not get any email from us please contact us directly at : pay.testbank@gmail.com you me have insert fault/mistake information in page order page.

If you have any questions, comments, problem with download and open files or concerns, feel free to email via pay.testbank@gmail.com

How can I open my files?
You can open your files through the following steps :
1-You must download WinRAR or Winzip (Soft) to extract files such as (ZIP and Rar).
2-You must download Microssft Office to open files such as (Doc, Rtf and Docx).
3-You must download Adobe Reader to open files such as (PDF).
4-If the files are corrupted or you can not open it, you can request technical support directly.

How can I access to my account?
No account need to get file you will receive it via email

Can I request test bank or solution manual to certain book?
Yes, you can request Test banks and solution manual to certain book and getting samples for that book via this link : (Request new)

What form of payment do you accept?
All payments are securely processed through PayPal.

Can I see a sample chapter before I buy the complete test bank?
Sure, We provide a free sample chapter for each Item in our store. Simply find the item you’re looking for, scroll to the top of the product description and click the download link to obtain your free sample. In most cases, the sample will contain the first or second chapter from the test bank.

What is your privacy policy?
We respect your privacy and will never share your information with any third party.

What is your return/refund policy?
We will issue full or partial refunds if you download the wrong item and we are unable to replace it with the correct one. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. To clarify, we will NOT issue refunds for any of the following reasons. Note that this is not a comprehensive list and unless otherwise stated in this policy, refunds will not be granted for any reason. We may, at our discretion, offer store credit for situations in which a refund is not an available remedy.
The Solution manual or test bank did not meet your expectations.
You purchased the wrong edition.
You are unable to open the compressed file(s).
You feel the test bank lacks sufficient content
You thought you were purchasing the textbook.

What is a Solution manual?
Can be called solution manual, instructor manual, SM, textbook answers, case answers. It’s the answers to all the questions in your text book, or the answers to all the questions at the end of chapter.

What is the test bank?
Can be called test bank, question bank, exam bank, test question, past papers, exam questions and exam book. It’s Question with answer that your instructor may using for Quiz, Test & Exam. Test banks may contain the following types of questions: multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, matching, and essay/short answer.